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Each set Includes:
- 1 mini handle (tempered glass sanding block) 20*65*5mm
- 1 sand-loop (sand paper #220) 61*210mm
- 1 sand-loop (sand paper #320) 61*210mm
- 1 sand-loop (sand paper #400) 61*210mm
- 1 sand-loop (sand paper #600) 61*210mm


Material: Tempered glass
Size: 20*65*5mm

MINI HANDLE has appropriate handling weight and balance to allow precise sanding.

Premium finish tempered glass is durable and provides an excellent grip.

Each side of MINI HANDLE is composed with a Magic-hook system to secure the SAND-LOOP in place and allows easier attachment and detachment when replacing it. Unlike any other conventional products, it detaches easily and does not leave any adhesives.

MINI HANDLE's dual-side design allows easy switching between two sides by attaching two different grits of SAND-LOOP on the Magic-hook on each side.

Each side edge is marked with indicator labels* to easily distinguish different grits for user's convenience. (*applicable for products since Sept. 2020)

Ultra-precision sandpaper
Material: Silicon carbide
Grits: 220, 320, 400, 600
Size: 61*210mm (Can be replaced up to 10 times when using with MINI HANDLE)

SAND-LOOP is made with durable materials and can be used for both dry and wet sanding. It is strong and sharp which allows for faster and more precise sanding on surfaces. (For more information please refer to the link below)

The adhesive tape is attached on the back so it can be easily attached and detached to the dedicated handle.

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