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Madworks MH-11-SR123 Tools Organizer (Creamy Maple)

Madworks MH-11-SR123 Tools Organizer (Creamy Maple)

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MADWORKS MH-11 Tools Organizer comes in a set of 6 pieces, including:

- 1x Chisel Handle Rack A
- 1x Chisel Handle Rack B
- 2x Compound Tray
- 2x Base Tray

During initial pre-order period, each set comes with 2 extra bonus:
- 1x Drill Bits Holder
- 1x Chisel Box Holder

All 6 components can be arranged into different orientation to fit your needs. The chisel handle racks are designed with Madworks' chisels and handles in mind. They include different diameters to hold our MH01 and MADMAX02 handles, with enough height so that even DLC blades won't hit the base of the rack.

​Three color** options are available: Creamy Maple (SR123), Dark Walnut (SR456), and Grey Oak (SR789)

** Underlying material is the same.

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