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Madworks XXX0 Full Set

Madworks XXX0 Full Set

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XXX0 series is an upgraded version from XXX series.  The body has less taper towards the tip, which provides more precise cut for meticulous users.

This set consists of 21 Chisels (from 0.075mm to 1.8mm):

X0-0075 X0-010 X0-0125 X0-015 X0-020
X0-030 X0-040 X0-050 X0-060 X0-070
X0-080 X0-090 X0-100 X0-110 X0-120
X0-130 X0-140 X0-150 X0-160 X0-170 X0-180

Bonus 1: MH-11 Tools Organizers, color randomly selected.
Bonus 2: One of Each MH-16 & MH-17 & MH-18,

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